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Python implementation for Ant
AW: a problem compiling a Java 5 project with generics
Odd Behavior
How to compile jsp files with ANT
Ant and the Windows Registry
please update the next release of Ant 1 7 to Xerces 2 9 0
tag inside some other tag(cvs)
Perform a task for every folder from the file
Location attribute in property not resolving correctly
creating files
Problem with condition selection property; Help needed
Javac task query
Help with running different target based on user input?
"java lang ClassCastException: org apache tools ant types Path " error after
ANT task to process properties files into static class
Ant 1 7 0 can 't find Junit in ${user home}/ ant/lib
Invoking a target (Ant 1 7) in a loop (Ant Contrib)
How to set the next week start date
repost: trooubled with ant from source install
ant javac version question
TImestamping in ANT
Building Dependent targets
help! how to send multiple files to remote machine? ant jsch
Ant 1 7 0Beta3 released
Example: error loading a mysqldump file
How to refer PATH environment variable in <exec > Ant task
How do I use ejbDeploy outside of RAD
Build successful but nothing produced
Formatter for ant scripts ?
Rename directories in Ant
How to make "outputproperty " element work???
Jar Locking
Can 't get env HOSTNAME
AntForm question
filelist/fileset with multiple directory
"java lang ClassNotFoundException " when running junit task
Settting environment variables
Mail failing in build xml file
Custom processor for Xslt task?
How to echo path?
I need to write a task for Tagging
How can I capture a file 's date to a property?
task to 'cp r reply=no '
containsregex and concat
Weird Deleting Problems
ant and eclipse?
while like structure in Ant
Accessing the manifest within a jar file
get filename
Create WEB INF/lib based on path structure
Conditional dependencies
Very Bad use of Ant
regex text out of a file
ANT Help
at my wits end with delete
Task help
install and use apache ant on linux
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How to use ant in web application without system path setup under linux

hi I want to use ant in my web application but I do not have ant installed in my OS(centOS5). So I copy ant.jar ant-launcher.jar and ant-junit.jar to /app/devlib then write a shell like below to ru

Java task, classpath problem

Hi Can someone try to explain this behavior of java ant task <target name "test1 " > <java classname "com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.ContextFactory "/ > </target > gives java.lang.NoSuch

Quirky behaviour in how macrodef attribute values are resolved?

I have the following script <project default "test " > <property name "prop2 " value "value2-${prop1} "/ > <property name "prop1 " value "value1 "/ > <target name "test " > <echo >prop2 as property

How to convert back slashes to forward slashes

Hi Friends I take a directory path input from the end-user and store it in a property for example if its windows it stores it as log4j.location C \tomcat\logs And that messes up everything.Because

Problems with loading from ant.

We are using Ant 1.7 and BEA 's jdk version . I am getting the following when I run a particular target . Any pointers on why this is happening ...or any quick workaround ? Eagerly looking forwa

External Tools and Tasks listing

An entry for the IDE Integration tools category Name CA Plex CA Plex is an architected RAD tool that combines the techniques of model-driven development code generation and patterns to create b

Copying a subdirectory hierarchy containing variable intermediate subdirecto

Laszlo Szabo wrote > I 'm trying to copy a subdirectory and its contents when it is separated from > the root directory by a couple of directories that are machine generated and > therefore have varia

Copying a subdirectory hierarchy containing variable intermediate subdirectory n

I 'm trying to copy a subdirectory and its contents when it is separated from the root directory by a couple of directories that are machine generated and therefore have variable names. For example in

AW: Call a target with parameter?

<target name "run " if "class " > <java classname "${class} "/ > </target > $ ant -Dclass MyClass $ ant -Dclass YourClass $ ant -Dclass HisClass or <macrodef name "run " > <attribute name "class "

Call a target with parameter?

Hi! My build.xml contains few targets to run different main classes <target name "run-a " > <java classname "MyClass " / > </target > <target name "run-b " > <java classname "YourClass " / >

regarding path id

Hi Actually I add the jar files in classpath using the following way. <path id "sab.classpath " > <pathelement location "${resc}/mysql-connector-java-3.1.12-bin.jar "/ > <pathelement loca

Input Task problem

Hi can anyone help me with this one? I 've switched to Eclipse 3.3 that now uses Ant 1.7. Since that time I cannot executed those lines of code <project name "testInput " > <target name "send_SEC

suppress exception in xml logger output

When I run the ant command line with xmllogger specified and when the build has some kind of trivial build errors like [javac] fails out of compilation error the end of the xml output contains the

Duplicate Target found

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From Parandhaman Vishnu Prasad (STSD) <p.vishnu7@(protected) > Date Aug 7 2007 1 40 PM Subject Duplicate Target found To peter.reilly@(protected) peterreilly@(protected)

AW: Changing directory structure in copy

A mapper maps file names thats right. But a "file name " in Java is the complete path... The mapper gets the complete path to the file and you could apply the renaming e.g. using a <globmapper >. Oth

Changing directory structure in copy

I need to copy the following directories ../dir1/db/* ../dir2/db/* ../foo/db/* ../bar/db/* To dbutil/dir1 dbutil/dir2 dbutil/foo dbutil/bar Basically I want to c

AW: AW: Problem with build after method signature change

When uploading the jars to your (test) webserver try something like <ftp > <fileset dir "build " includes "*.jar " > <modified/ > </fileset > </ftp > So only JARs will be upload

AW: iterate through files

* A <fileset > <modified/ > will filter out all files already processed. * A <fileset > will be scanned if task is executed. * I dont know <while > taskcontainer which could provide something like <whil

AW: Child processes are randomly killed (occurred with <sql > and <junit >)

I dont think that Ant will kill long-running processes. But maybe Quickbuild does ... Could you run the task directly from command line? Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von Alexis de Bernis

Help Required.....

Hi all I have written a Ant Build File for deploying in Weblogic Server 8.1. when i try to compile java src files iam getting OutOfMemory error. I think the problem is with classpath bcoz i have lib

AW: Problem with build after method signature change

Yes the first thing to do when a "curious " problem occurs is doing a "clean build ". ant clean build Provide a "clean " target which deletes all generated files. Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachric

Child processes are randomly killed (occurred with <sql > and <junit >)

Hello We encountered the following troubling error when dealing with long ant tasks. When the server is heavily loaded ANT tasks may randomly abort before their natural end. Adding the verbose f

iterate through files

(Running Ant from a bat file triggered by a directory watching app.) Is is possible to iterate through a directory of files (that can have files added while the task is running) one at a time before

Problem with build after method signature change

We are experiencing a problem with our build after a method signature change in one of our classes. A method was changed from non-static to static. Since the dependant class files would still compi

Target.getTasks returns UnknownElement

Hi I 'm trying to parse the build.xml myself and tried to get the tasks object with the following code File buildFile new File( "c /myproject/build.xml ") Project project new P

AW: multiple regexs against a single doc

Maybe something like <move > <filterchain > <tokenfilter > <filetokenizer/ > <replaceregex pattern " " replace " " flags "s "/ > <replaceregex pattern " " replace " " flags "s "/ > Jan

AW: AW: AW: while-like structure in Ant

Never tried instantiating conditions from javascript ... But basically these are java classes. So instantiate and set configure it myhttp new Http() myhttp.setUrl( "a url adress ") Maybe we

AW: Problem with Ant and CVS?

Hi Simon I always found it better to call CVS via ANT using commandline and argument rather than command. So maybe you want to try sth. Similar to this <cvs cvsroot "${cvs.root} " cvsrsh "${cvs.

multiple regexs against a single doc

Right now I 'm doing the following with each regex that I require to replace some string or char <replaceregexp match "(\ue06d) " replace "\& #x00b5 " flags "g " byline "true " encoding "utf-8 " > <fil

AW: new ant user - trying to run java cmd

* dont write a <echo > inside the <manifest > * when specifying a main-class use '. ' as package-delimiters not '/ ' * when starting - you could use the jar-attribute (as you have a main-class defined
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