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Python implementation for Ant
AW: a problem compiling a Java 5 project with generics
Odd Behavior
How to compile jsp files with ANT
Ant and the Windows Registry
please update the next release of Ant 1 7 to Xerces 2 9 0
tag inside some other tag(cvs)
Perform a task for every folder from the file
Location attribute in property not resolving correctly
creating files
Problem with condition selection property; Help needed
Javac task query
Help with running different target based on user input?
"java lang ClassCastException: org apache tools ant types Path " error after
ANT task to process properties files into static class
Ant 1 7 0 can 't find Junit in ${user home}/ ant/lib
Invoking a target (Ant 1 7) in a loop (Ant Contrib)
How to set the next week start date
repost: trooubled with ant from source install
ant javac version question
TImestamping in ANT
Building Dependent targets
help! how to send multiple files to remote machine? ant jsch
Ant 1 7 0Beta3 released
Example: error loading a mysqldump file
How to refer PATH environment variable in <exec > Ant task
How do I use ejbDeploy outside of RAD
Build successful but nothing produced
Formatter for ant scripts ?
Rename directories in Ant
How to make "outputproperty " element work???
Jar Locking
Can 't get env HOSTNAME
AntForm question
filelist/fileset with multiple directory
"java lang ClassNotFoundException " when running junit task
Settting environment variables
Mail failing in build xml file
Custom processor for Xslt task?
How to echo path?
I need to write a task for Tagging
How can I capture a file 's date to a property?
task to 'cp r reply=no '
containsregex and concat
Weird Deleting Problems
ant and eclipse?
while like structure in Ant
Accessing the manifest within a jar file
get filename
Create WEB INF/lib based on path structure
Conditional dependencies
Very Bad use of Ant
regex text out of a file
ANT Help
at my wits end with delete
Task help
install and use apache ant on linux
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Urgent Help Required: <Exec > Issue with Suse Linux

Hi All I am facing an issue when I am trying to execute Ant Script in Suse Linux Environment. I am using Ant Version 1.6.1. I am using exec Tag in Build.xml to make connection to DB2 Database a

axis-java2wsdl LogFactory classloader problem++

More info

Simple (?) question about " <available > "

Hi I 'm having trouble specifying a particular "available " task. Here 's what I want though Ant isn 't happy with it <target name "check_for_zip_file " > <available property "ZIP_F

Ant - <javadoc > -- <fileset > exclude not working

Hi I am attempting to use the JavaDoc tag in an ant build as follows to create my JavaDoc. I have a small subset of public classes which I want to exclude from the final JavaDoc. Acc

axis-java2wsdl LogFactory classloader problem

I have created an ant task as follows <path id "compile.classpath " > <pathelement path "${webinf.dir}/lib/commons-beanutils.jar "/ > <pathelement path "${webinf.dir}/lib/commons-

ideas for building a list of projects

we have 10 or so web projects each with their own build.xml and one main builder project that builds all projects. the main build project explicitly specifies the deployment components and the

Ant Tomcat Tasks Problem

I am trying to implement the Tomcat tasks into my build file and I 'm having some trouble that I hope some of you can help me figure out. I 'm using Ant 1.6.2 and jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25 on Linux Red

1.6.3: mail task hangs with eclipse M7

The last thing I see is Sending email Then the process hangs forever and no error message appears. Is there a way to figure out what 's actually going wrong? (The mail-task works on other syst

iterate over sql result

I want to iterate over a resultset from an SQL SELECT statement using ANT and use the data as propeties and call other tasks or targets. Is this possible with some existing ANT tasks and HOW do I

Is it possible to override default attribute values for Ant tasks?

Hi I have a main Ant script which invokes a number of other scripts using "ant " task. These scripts invoke "javac " task without specifying any value for attribute "debug " (so the default va

Ant Task: sshexec

How can I get sshexec to pass it more than one command at a time? <sshexec host "somehost " username "${username} " password "${password} " command "touch somefile "/ > I used it to run comma

Properties manipulation

All Can someone help figure this out? Xml file <property name " " value " "/ > <property file "${} " prefix "old. "/ > ----

Ant 1.6.4 released

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 Hello I have the pleasure to annouce the release of Ant 1.6.4. This is a bug fix release including fixing of a bug affecting javah and anoth

Use of zipfileset

Hi I have to create a jar that includes other external jars. I want those external jars to be present in the classpath. For this I am using the <zipfileset > task. But the problem with the 'src '

Problem with the defined collection.

Dear All I have a problem with my own collection of objects that I pass to my task. I have a AntFileInfoSet collection that store AntFileInfo objects (both of them inherits from ProjectComponent

path to ant

"Unix (bash) Assume Ant is installed in /usr/local/ant. The following sets up the environment export ANT_HOME /usr/local/ant export JAVA_HOME /usr/local/jdk-1.2.2 export PATH ${PATH} ${ANT_H

Problem with <gunzip > task

Hello all ANT v1.6.2 OS Windows XPPro I am trying the <gunzip > task on a .tar.gz file and I get [input] skipping input as property gzip.filename has already been s

foreach expanding properties

Hi i 'm just testing what kind of syntax in my propertyfile is suitable when using the <foreach > task in antcontrib. so far i have propertysyntax modul.1 FirstModul modul.1.version 1_

Multiline ?!

Hi i ' ve written a java class that reads a txtfile and generates a propertyfile. All works fine expect one property that may contain more than one line. property1 bla property2 foo prop

AW: Exclude Single Java File from Compilation

Maybe the compiler does that because a compiled class depends on that? Jan > -----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- > Von Lim Teck Hooi [mailto teckhooi.lim@(protected)] > Gesendet am Mittwo

How to open URL from ANT.

Hi all. How can I open url from ant? For example I have a documentation page that I want to display (HTML page) I want to click on ant target which opens the page in browser. Is there any opti

Exclude Single Java File from Compilation

Hi I want to exclude a single java source from compilation but ant still compiles that file. The file name is and I included its name in the excludes attr

ANT Configuration

?Hi I have a problem with configuring ant 1.6.2. I have set ANT_HOME in path but still it doesnt work. I get error message 'ant ' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable progr

EchoProperties and Propertyset - was Re: ANT-CVS logs

Brian Since your message has nothing to do with CVS logs please take the time to create a new message and use an appropriate subject. Your build works for me. What version of Ant are you usi

Wrapping gcj/gij in ant scripts for compiling and testing

Dear readers After some back and forth with various documentations of ant gcj/gij and ldconfig and the shared library howto on Linux I got the following to work for gcc 4.0.0 as a parallel pa

nontrivial dependencies

I 've been trying for a very long time now (many man-days) to create Ant build scripts to handle our new corporate project. I 've been using Ant for over 3 years and programming professionally for

<unzip > task does not support failonerror OR does it ?

It seems that there is no way to tell <unzip > task to _fail_ when it is not able to unzip a zip-file. I am running a simple unzip-task on unix platform and when there is a read-only file that unzip

Problem with nested property sets

I 'm getting an exception from the following build. The echoproperties task doesn 't like the nested propertyset. What am I doing wrong? <?xml version "1.0 " ? > <project name "build " default "prop " >

kindly suggest in deploying the .ear file

dear support Manager Ant. I have jdk1.4 ant1.6.3 jboss4.0 Mysql4.0. I am building the file by ant sir. the build was successful and i checked the databasem where the tables are created

ANT-CVS logs

Hi Is there any way to get Ant to compile a list of all the comments committed alongside each file checked into CVS? I 'm looking at Ant Tasks and nowhere do I see this option. Thanks Ste
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