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Problem with condition selection property; Help needed
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Task help
install and use apache ant on linux
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Ant: mkdir and system vars

Hi here is a part of my build file <property environment "env "/ > <target name "buildFrameworkTestCase1 " > <mkdir dir "${env.ALL_TESTS_BUILD_DIR}/FrameworkTestCase1 "/ > <javac srcdir

unable to find a javac compiler when I invoke ant from cmd script

Look at the script ant.bat it does similar things (the classpath in your script is too short). Gilles > -----Original Message----- > From Denis Bessmertnyj [mailto dbes@(protected)] > Sent mercredi

unable to find a javac compiler when I invoke ant from cmd script (UPDATE)

Thank you I forgot to add fork "true " ----- Original Message ----- From "Denis Bessmertnyj " <dbes@(protected) > To <user@(protected) > Sent Wednesday March 21 2007 11 01 AM Subject ANT unabl

ANT: unable to find a javac compiler when I invoke ant from cmd script (UPDATE)

And I have the next target in my build.xml <target name "buildFrameworkTestCase1 " > <javac srcdir "FrameworkTestCase1 " destdir "${env.ALL_TESTS_BUILD_DIR}/FrameworkTestCase1 "/ > </targe

Ant: unable to find a javac compiler when I invoke ant from cmd script

Hi I have build.cmd with the next code set ANT_CLASSPATH %JCLASSES_DIR%\lib\ant.jar %JCLASSES_DIR%\lib\catalina-ant.jar %JCLASSES_DIR%\lib\ant-launcher.jar call java -classpath %ANT_CLASSPATH% %C

AW: Question about loop in Ant

I would write a custom task which stores the listener-adresses as property. Inside your code you could reuse the Ant classes if you need ... (oata.taskdefs oata.util) Jan <getOracleListener prope

Preserve symbolic links with ant unzip task

Hi all Is there a way to preserve symbolic links when I use the <unzip > task ? There does not seem to be an option in the <unzip > task 's documentation at http //

Question about loop in Ant

Hi All I have write a ant script which check the availibility of Oracle listener based on tcp reachibility (waitfor task) and jdbc connection (sql task). I 'd like to make somehing like that <whi

how to use the sort in resource

HI The new resource possibility in ant 1.7.0 seems to be excellent but I do not know how to use it. For instance I want to build a fileset of files sorted by their date in reverse order. I know t

How to silence errors in SQL task or log

Can anybody tell my why <redirect / > cannot be used for the SQL task? I want to silence the errors if they occur when running the SQL task. But it didn 't work. Any solution? Best would be to log

AW: Conditional dependencies

>Hmmm. [Ant newbie thinking] Just as there is a "fail " task could >there not be a "succeed " task added that would cause the >enclosing task replace <succeed > with <antcontrib trycatch > -) Jan

I need to See the timestamp on some file

Hi While doing the build i need to see the timestamp on some file so that in future if somone like to see the timestamp of the build he simply see the file when it is done can anyone guide me how i a

match and property

I would like to use <ac propertyselector property "token.list " delimiter " " match "${prefix} " select "\1 "/ > where ${prefix} is a property <property name "prefix " value "~~(.+) "/ > but it does not

AW: not able to add timestamp task in build.xml

Have you tried the steps you got on the dev-list? Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von manawwar [mailto manu_war123@(protected)] >Gesendet Dienstag 20. M?rz 2007 11 18 >An user@(protected)

not able to add timestamp task in build.xml

Hi I am not able to see the time of doing the build while adding the timestamp please guide me to come up this issue <format property "TIME_NOW " pattern "hh mm ss " / > <format pro

AW: Reinitializing static variables

Store the list as a reference in the project and get it from the second task. getProject().addReference() getProject().getReference() See thread "Passing data between 2 created tasks " htt

Reinitializing static variables

hi I have written two ant tasks in one task I have static final List object also I am adding objects into this static list object in another task if I want retrieve the objects from the static

Conditional dependencies

There 's a build behavior pattern I keep hitting but I don 't know how to resolve in Ant. How can I specify a dependency chain among targets such that the dependency chain can be "short-circulted " wi

Using XSLT2

I try to use the function 'lower-case ' in an xslt transformation. This function requires an XSLT2 engine so I tried to use saxon as described in http //

Concatenating a string to a property

Hi I am trying to get a value from a property that is defined in the file - remote.jboss.jndi.port.server1 17031 remote.jboss.server server1 The remote.jboss.server varies depend

AW: specifying jvm for running ant tasks

<java jvm fork > But you could also use Java1.5 for your 1.5 AND 1.4 projects. When compiling your 1.4 you set source+target "1.4 " Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von thomaslarsson [mailto

specifying jvm for running ant tasks

Hello everyone I have an ant task that calls a set of ant tasks in order to build a set of projects in the correct order. Now I added a project that needs to be run with java 1.5 and I would lik

Regarding <classfileset >

If I have a property that contains the a fully qualified name of a class in dotted notation how can I use this property to reference a file path that has no dotted notation? I looked at the unpacka

Properties correct evaluation and resolve

Hi. I have properties resolve and evaluate problem I have 2 projects "project " and "common ". "common " contains default properties while "project " contains its own properties plus some properties

AW: Ant question

<subant > ? Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von Denis Bessmertnyj [mailto dbes@(protected)] >Gesendet Donnerstag 15. M?rz 2007 10 25 >An user@(protected) >Betreff Ant question > >Hi An

Ant question

Hi Ant users. May the Ant do the next thing for me It lists all dirs in the current directory and then entrance in each dir by turns and execute build.xml in current directory. Is it real? ---

AW: Deleting folders based upon status:(Re: AW: Checking for files in a director

>i was trying to do something like this >Get a list of subdirectiories > Say my base directory is /ci ..and it has folders like >/ci/RL_1_5_9 /ci/RL_1_5_10 /ci/RL_1_5_11 > and inturn under fo

Deleting folders based upon status:(Re: AW: Checking for files in a directory)

thanks a tonne .. that 's the nicest way 'cause my build.xml is not longer dependent on these often changing o/p files .. i was trying to do something like this Get a list of subdirectiories Say my

Junit test fails in ant but not in Eclipse

Hi Your best bet is to debug it with Eclipse but NOT using the Eclipse junit tool. Change the ant junit target add these jvmargs to the junit target <junit ... > <!-- To be added -- > <jvmarg

AW: Checking for files in a directory

Just an idea ... <property name "includes " value "these files must be present "/ > <property name "includes.length " value "5 "/ > <property name "dir " value "dir "/ > <condition propery "all-files-present
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