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Python implementation for Ant
AW: a problem compiling a Java 5 project with generics
Odd Behavior
How to compile jsp files with ANT
Ant and the Windows Registry
please update the next release of Ant 1 7 to Xerces 2 9 0
tag inside some other tag(cvs)
Perform a task for every folder from the file
Location attribute in property not resolving correctly
creating files
Problem with condition selection property; Help needed
Javac task query
Help with running different target based on user input?
"java lang ClassCastException: org apache tools ant types Path " error after
ANT task to process properties files into static class
Ant 1 7 0 can 't find Junit in ${user home}/ ant/lib
Invoking a target (Ant 1 7) in a loop (Ant Contrib)
How to set the next week start date
repost: trooubled with ant from source install
ant javac version question
TImestamping in ANT
Building Dependent targets
help! how to send multiple files to remote machine? ant jsch
Ant 1 7 0Beta3 released
Example: error loading a mysqldump file
How to refer PATH environment variable in <exec > Ant task
How do I use ejbDeploy outside of RAD
Build successful but nothing produced
Formatter for ant scripts ?
Rename directories in Ant
How to make "outputproperty " element work???
Jar Locking
Can 't get env HOSTNAME
AntForm question
filelist/fileset with multiple directory
"java lang ClassNotFoundException " when running junit task
Settting environment variables
Mail failing in build xml file
Custom processor for Xslt task?
How to echo path?
I need to write a task for Tagging
How can I capture a file 's date to a property?
task to 'cp r reply=no '
containsregex and concat
Weird Deleting Problems
ant and eclipse?
while like structure in Ant
Accessing the manifest within a jar file
get filename
Create WEB INF/lib based on path structure
Conditional dependencies
Very Bad use of Ant
regex text out of a file
ANT Help
at my wits end with delete
Task help
install and use apache ant on linux
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How we will check the jsp with Ant script

On Thu 2007-06-07 at 16 43 +0530 Saurabh Dave wrote > Hi > > Could any one tell me How we can precompile the jsp with Ant Is > using Maven is essential . If you are deploying your J

Classloader problems

Hi all For obscure reasons I have to redefine the core email task using a taskdef. This is my build file <path id "jsch.path " > <pathelement location "${}/jsch/ant-jsch.jar "/ > <pat

ant project building problem when one project depend upon another project.

Separate out the JAR task as a separate target and have both project "A " and project "B " depend upon that target. That way you 're just building the JAR and not the entire project. Or you can bui

Problem with <tidy > task

Consider this task <tidy destdir "${base-dir}/tidy " flatten "true " > <fileset dir "${base-dir} " > <include name "**/*.htm "/ > </fileset > <parameter name "wrap " value "0 " / > <parameter name

canned fileset with replaceregexp

>Um... You didn 't explain what you 're trying to do. Are you attempting to build a PATH based upon a regular expression? > <fileset > can take patternsets in the form of a refid. I 'm trying to create

resolve dynamic property ?

Hi i have a static property file with key value web.buildcmd make-${buildtarget}-SB my first script creates the dynamic property ${buildtarget} with <script > task and project.setPropery() meth

xmlproperty semanticAttributes and CDATA

It appears the with semanticAttributes set to true properties are still not expanded if they reside in CDATA sections. E.g. (in properties file) <myxmlproperty > <![CDATA[ <script type "text/javascrip

Ant return code 13 - what does it mean?

Graham- I would suggest looking at setting up root permissions for your PDE build environment http // (and follow steve 's suggestion) M-- This email mess

Ant support for daemon processes

Hi Ant Users I am interested in Ant support for daemon processes such as servers. For example I would like to stop an Exec or Java process on demand - this is not possible with existing Exec and J

ant equivalent of bash -x

Hi all In my quest to hunt down the mysterious ant crash that causes it to exit with return code 13 without error or warning I would like to trace the execution of the build script to see how far a

AW: Ant and Swing

I think your application just terminates very early. This works for me <project default "all " > <property name "dir " value "tmp "/ > <target name "all " depends "clean createJava build run "/ >

Make a 'fake ' attachment

Hi Matt > You 've got to keep track of my sleight-of-hand on the > the dev list Kev! ) If you 're able to use the > trunk version you should be able to use > > <truncate file "attachment " length

Ant and Swing

How can i manage to execute a project where i use Swing ? i tried doing it normally but it does not work (without throwing an exception it simply concludes the task without executing the Swing portio

how to enable Java assertions (ie how to pass '-ea ' to the jvm)

Hi probably a trivial question but I couldn 't find a working answer in the docs/archives/wiki/bugs. I have a Java assert statement in my code that is supposed to fail. Java compilation is with -sour

Ant sshexec random failures

Hi Chris... I am having the same exactly problem with the sshexec the same script sometimes works sometimes it gives me "Remote command failed with exit status -1 " I was wondering if you have f

<assert > broken in antcontrib 1.0b3 ?!

Hi i tried the most actual version of antcontrib 1.0b3 but the assert task seem to be broken. <!-- Import AntContrib -- > <taskdef resource "net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml " / > ... <property nam

Strange property problem

Hi all I have a weird error caused by a property being wrong 50% of the time and correct 50% of the time. here 's the relevant code james.version server-binary-next-major james.ho

Running another target - can it be done?

I know. This is not something that you would usually want to do. But I 'm sure there is at least 3 valid cases where this would be correct. 1 <target name "num1 " > 2 ... 3 </target > 4 5 <target

rename all files matching pattern in directory and below

Hello I want to make a task to rename all files of pattern abc*.htm to index.htm recursively. I tried following the example toward the end of the Move task documentation (i.e. adding a .bak extensi

Ant 1.7.0 specific error: failed to create task or type taskdef

Hey Folks We recently upgraded from Ant 1.6.5 to Ant 1.7.0. We noticed that code in our build listener that functioned properly in Ant 1.5.x through Ant 1.6.5 no longer works with 1.7. The code ba

Subant and inheritrefs question

I have a question about how this should work. I have an outer wrapper script that executes a subant as follows Wrapper.xml <target name "build-application " depends "build-application-init " >

AW: iterate a fileset

I would go another way collect all files which does NOT have the tag and display them. <pathconvert > <fileset > <not > <contains > <echo > <fail if > Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von David W

zipfileset dir vs src

I am trying to add a single file to a jar. This works <zipfileset dir "${src} " prefix "WEB-INF " includes "web.xml " / > This gives an error about not being able to access the file <zipfileset src "$

generating log file in AIX

Hi All Can any one help me generating a log file for ant tasks in AIX? When I run my ant scripts any errors in execution should go to a log file. Basically I 'm using exec task in my build.xml Tha

iterate a fileset

Hello! I need to check if every .jsp in my project contains a tag like this <tag xxxx > How can i iterate a fileset and use <contains... > for each of my files? Thank u Andres!

Errors in Deploying

deploy [serverdeploy] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError weblogic/deploy [serverdeploy] Exception in thread "main " BUILD FAILED E \DIR_STRCUT\build.xml 43 Java returned 1 Total time 7 seconds M

Copying the contents of all the files in one directory to a single file

Actually i need to copy the contents of all the javascript files which reside in scripts directory into one common.js file in the same directory.. Like appending all the files into common.js.. The s

AW: how to set a property to the latest file

Just an idea a combination of <fileset > <restrict > <date > and <sort > Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von Derek Haskin [mailto dhaskin@(protected)] >Gesendet Montag 28. Mai 2007 06 10 >A

how to get a process id from a spawned task?

Hello all. Is there a way to get the process id (I 'm dealing with a windows system here but I believe the question could be asked of both windows an UNIX families) of a task that is spawned? I have

Debian package creator task

Hi all I started working on a task that allows you to create Debian packages pure Java implementation. You should be able to create deb packages in your build scripts running on Windows. The code
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