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Python implementation for Ant
AW: a problem compiling a Java 5 project with generics
Odd Behavior
How to compile jsp files with ANT
Ant and the Windows Registry
please update the next release of Ant 1 7 to Xerces 2 9 0
tag inside some other tag(cvs)
Perform a task for every folder from the file
Location attribute in property not resolving correctly
creating files
Problem with condition selection property; Help needed
Javac task query
Help with running different target based on user input?
"java lang ClassCastException: org apache tools ant types Path " error after
ANT task to process properties files into static class
Ant 1 7 0 can 't find Junit in ${user home}/ ant/lib
Invoking a target (Ant 1 7) in a loop (Ant Contrib)
How to set the next week start date
repost: trooubled with ant from source install
ant javac version question
TImestamping in ANT
Building Dependent targets
help! how to send multiple files to remote machine? ant jsch
Ant 1 7 0Beta3 released
Example: error loading a mysqldump file
How to refer PATH environment variable in <exec > Ant task
How do I use ejbDeploy outside of RAD
Build successful but nothing produced
Formatter for ant scripts ?
Rename directories in Ant
How to make "outputproperty " element work???
Jar Locking
Can 't get env HOSTNAME
AntForm question
filelist/fileset with multiple directory
"java lang ClassNotFoundException " when running junit task
Settting environment variables
Mail failing in build xml file
Custom processor for Xslt task?
How to echo path?
I need to write a task for Tagging
How can I capture a file 's date to a property?
task to 'cp r reply=no '
containsregex and concat
Weird Deleting Problems
ant and eclipse?
while like structure in Ant
Accessing the manifest within a jar file
get filename
Create WEB INF/lib based on path structure
Conditional dependencies
Very Bad use of Ant
regex text out of a file
ANT Help
at my wits end with delete
Task help
install and use apache ant on linux
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AW: ANT -- Unique Error --Pls Help

1. update to the actual version (1.7.0) 2. run Ant without having any CLASSPATH Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von prashanth.l@(protected) [mailto prashanth.l@(protected)] >Gesendet D

ANT -- Unique Error --Pls Help

Dear all I am getting this error When running ant Please help ASAP. ant version -- 1.5.4 BUILD FAILED java.lang.VerifyError (class org/apache/tools/ant/types/Path$PathElement method <init >

Dirset problems

Hi I use tried to test the dirset wit the following lines (later I want to do sth. With some dirs) <target name "antcontrib.sortlist " > <dirset dir "D /Entwicklung " includes "* " id "my.dirlis

ANT auto-emailing of reports, mail task

Hi there Once again I apologize for posting a question more related on ANT than TestNG. But as far as I know there is no such active and populated forums for ANT shame. However I think this su

need help regarding the sql query

hi i have a sql query which returns the result as "complete " . here i want to use this result as a property to my taget. i mean based on this property i want run rest of things. thanks khadar

Formatter for ant scripts ?

Hi i 'm searching for a formatter task for ant build scripts. Something like <Ctrl >+ <Shift >+ <F > in Eclipse Ant Editor but as ant task i can feed with own rules i.e. indention 4 spaces instead of t

AW: ant -lib seems not working on Linux RHEL 5

>The Ant -lib option does not seem working on Linux RHEL 5. > >I am in a directory where I have ant-contrib-1.0b2.jar and the >following t.xml. -lib <path > specifies a path to search fo

AW: ANT tasks for ClearCase

Oh - never heard from that. I added it to the external page... Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von Gilbert Rebhan [mailto ant@(protected)] >Gesendet Dienstag 3. Juli 2007 19 31 >An Ant

ant -lib seems not working on Linux RHEL 5

Hi Ant Users The Ant -lib option does not seem working on Linux RHEL 5. I am in a directory where I have ant-contrib-1.0b2.jar and the following t.xml. $ cat t.xml <project > <taskdef resource "

ANT tasks for ClearCase

Hi all Are there any ANT specific tasks for getting the latest code from ClearCase. Note I am using RAD as my development environment. Any RAD specific ANT task to do this would help too. Anyone ha

Help with iteration in for loop

Hi Friends Is there any way to control iteration in ant. I want to put an if-else condition in the for loop to control the action depending upon the iteration count.I tried this build.xml <project

Problem with fileset in concat on AIX

Hello This is my first post to this list (predictably it 's a problem) but I 'll try to give back now that I 'm subscribed. Please forgive and educate me on matters of etiquette. I 'm running the fo

Mail task with Exchange Server

Is it at all possible to send email via Exchange Server? I 'm probably going to get answers like "Are you kidding? " but I thought I 'd give it a try nonetheless. Thanks in advance Shawn -- View

Extracting files from multiple JARs on a classpath

Hi all I have a classpath refid with a number of JARs. The JARs obviously contain a number of files. I 'd like to be able to provide files from these JARs that match a pattern as an embedded fi

For loop question

Hi Friends I have a simple "for " task question. I use this for task from ant-contrib <for list "${} ${} ${} " param "argvalue " > <sequential >

Gilbert Jeiziner/AMBERG ist au?er Haus bis / is out of office till 5. Februa

Hi -----Original Message----- From gjeiziner@(protected) [mailto gjeiziner@(protected)] Sent Friday June 29 2007 2 31 PM To Ant Users List Subject Gilbert Jeiziner/AMBERG ist au?er Haus bis / is

AW: build.xml import files dependencies

Speaking with svn I would create a common directory as svn external which contains the common buildfile (data). The dev team will get the new versions just by their daily update of their codebase.

AW: Filter a path reference to grab just the jars files

just thoughts ... - <path > is a <resourcecollection > - there are kind of selectors <rc id "onlyjars " > <path refid "all "/ > <jarselector/ > </rc > So have a look at RCs in the manual and let us kno

build.xml import files dependencies

Hello We are working on a set of module each module has its own build.xml file. I used the import feature to import a set of ant build file to hide implementation of common tasks. This set of build

AW: Ant within Eclipse Junit OutOfMemoryException

Hi I use an Ant Script tu run a lot of Junit Tests. I had to change the maxmemory to 1024m to let all the Tests run. But sadly I used Ant directly and not Eclipse. But this is how I solved my memor

Ant within Eclipse Junit OutOfMemoryException

Hi I 'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but I 'm running Junit tests with ant within Eclipse. I have a lot of tests I wish to run them overnight then look at a JUnitRepor

AW: "Overriding previous definition of reference " ... should I worry?

Hello You are able to change values of patternsets ids etc. You are in general not able to change properties (immutability). The warning means If you dont want to change the value of this id then

"Overriding previous definition of reference " ... should I worry?

Hello all. I have a build file with a set of patternsets that are declared in alphabetical order. There are some references between then (eg A references B but A is declared first). Because of th

Filter a path reference to grab just the jars files

Folks I have a path reference that contains both jars and directories. I want to filter out just the jar reference to build a manifest. How do I apply a filter to the path reference to grab just th


NAnt and Ant are to completely separate tools. Ant is focussed on Java programs while NAnt on .NET programs (afaik). For compiling .NET programs you could use the DotNet AntLib instead of NAnt. (tha


? Hi I am new to NANT. To use NANT tasks within ANT buildfile is it necessary to install NANT or is it enough to have ant-dotnet-1.0.jar? Currently when I tried to use <cl > task in <nant > it is

How to make "outputproperty " element work???

Hi Friends I need some help with "outputproperty " element. I have a properties file i want to pass in one of the property to a java program and read the response back and store it in the same proper

filename collisions when compiling

I have two directories of source files that I want to compile. One of them has the other one has The version of A in the second directory is different from


Have a look at your build.xml and search for non-ASCII characters ... or change (set) the xml setting <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "ISO-8859-1 "? > (maybe another encoding) Jan >-----Urspr?nglic


Hi I am used the following build script to upload files to remote server using ANT I had included jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar and commons-net-1.4.0.jar to ANT lib. But still I got the following error. Inva
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