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Python implementation for Ant
AW: a problem compiling a Java 5 project with generics
Odd Behavior
How to compile jsp files with ANT
Ant and the Windows Registry
please update the next release of Ant 1 7 to Xerces 2 9 0
tag inside some other tag(cvs)
Perform a task for every folder from the file
Location attribute in property not resolving correctly
creating files
Problem with condition selection property; Help needed
Javac task query
Help with running different target based on user input?
"java lang ClassCastException: org apache tools ant types Path " error after
ANT task to process properties files into static class
Ant 1 7 0 can 't find Junit in ${user home}/ ant/lib
Invoking a target (Ant 1 7) in a loop (Ant Contrib)
How to set the next week start date
repost: trooubled with ant from source install
ant javac version question
TImestamping in ANT
Building Dependent targets
help! how to send multiple files to remote machine? ant jsch
Ant 1 7 0Beta3 released
Example: error loading a mysqldump file
How to refer PATH environment variable in <exec > Ant task
How do I use ejbDeploy outside of RAD
Build successful but nothing produced
Formatter for ant scripts ?
Rename directories in Ant
How to make "outputproperty " element work???
Jar Locking
Can 't get env HOSTNAME
AntForm question
filelist/fileset with multiple directory
"java lang ClassNotFoundException " when running junit task
Settting environment variables
Mail failing in build xml file
Custom processor for Xslt task?
How to echo path?
I need to write a task for Tagging
How can I capture a file 's date to a property?
task to 'cp r reply=no '
containsregex and concat
Weird Deleting Problems
ant and eclipse?
while like structure in Ant
Accessing the manifest within a jar file
get filename
Create WEB INF/lib based on path structure
Conditional dependencies
Very Bad use of Ant
regex text out of a file
ANT Help
at my wits end with delete
Task help
install and use apache ant on linux
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new ant user - trying to run java cmd

Hi I 'm trying to run a class from built jar using ant but my script doesn 't pick up even my echos around it - what am I doing wrong? this is the bit that 's already in my script & works <target n

AW: simple buildnumber task usage question

No??? http // ... then set the property build.number to the value that was read in (or to 0 if no such value). Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht-

AW: windows command

Why dont you use <copy > ? Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von Sharma Jaikumar [mailto jaikumar.sharma@(protected)] >Gesendet Dienstag 31. Juli 2007 09 25 >An Ant Users List >Betreff RE

AW: AW: while-like structure in Ant

A condition is a different thing than a task - a condition checks something - a task does something. Of course an implementing class maybe can do both ( <available > <antversion >). For HTTP there are t

AW: Using <union >

These are two different kinds of datatypes. <union > is a new resource collection. <fileset > (ok is also one) is an "old " datatype. The handling (iterating over) these is completely different. You co

AW: concat task on group of utf 8 files w/ BOM

You could try a <filterchain > to get rid off the BOMs when <concat >enating the files. Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von Alex Egg [mailto eggie5@(protected)] >Gesendet Montag 30. Juli 2007

windows command

Hi All I need to execute windows system command in Ant 's build.xml. I got one sample in manual but need to know what is the exact meaning of every line with every attribute. <exec dir "${src} " ex

AW: AW: checkstyle-ant

First please keep on the list (as long as you dont want to provide sensible data ) Other people could be interesting in this problem (and its solution) too. Second this is more a CS related questi

simple buildnumber task usage question

Hi have this gzip task and I would like to use the buildnumber task to append a build number to the file name <gzip src "${temp}/s3/_management.js " destfile "${temp}/s3/management_${ build.number}.j

concat task on group of utf 8 files w/ BOM

Hi I 'm using the concat task with a fileset that points to a bunch of files with unicode byte order marks. After the task is complete I wind up with file that 's full for BOMs which down the road cr

Getting classpath attribute of custom task

Lets say I have a taskdef in the build.xml <taskdef name "mytask " classname "MyTask " classpath "path-to/my.jar " / > How do I get the 'classpath ' part in the cus

Using <union >

Hi I am not very experienced with ant. I have several targets each for source code checks. These targets are 'pmd ' 'cpd ' and 'checkstyle '. All the corresponding tasks support <fileset > element.

Problem with Ant and CVS?

Hi I think I 'm having some problems with Ant and CVS. I 'm currently setting up CruiseControl and they told me that the problem I 'm having is an issue between Ant and CVS so this is why I 'm posting

How to achieve "if " and "unless "-style behaviour with macrodefs?

Hi I have cases where it would be useful to call a macrodef if a property was set but to skip it otherwise. If these were targets I could use the standard Ant if/unless attributes to achieve this

AW: checkstyle-ant

<checkstyle > generates a xml based report. This report should be converted to HTML by the <style > task via XSLT transformation. The path to the xsl as you have defined must be "checkstyle.xsl " direct


Hi all I am trying to generate a report using checkstyle plugin with IBM RAD. I have written an ant script for the same as follows <target name "checkstyle " description "Generates

- Couldn 't rename temporary file inside RAD tool

Hi I have some ANT scripts using the 'replaceregexp ' task and these need to run inside the Rational Application Developer v6 development tool. Regurarly I have the following exception. BUILD FAI

AW: while-like structure in Ant

Which <http > task? Ant Core doesnt have one. Jan >-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- >Von Emir Mahmut BAHSI [mailto embahsi@(protected)] >Gesendet Sonntag 29. Juli 2007 00 27 >An Ant Users List >Be


Hi has anybody used BCP (bulk copy program) with ANT. I need to insert data into a SQL Server and would like to do this within ANT. Any hints on how to do this will be appreciated. Thanks Marijan

removing byte order mark

When I run my ant task from windows it gives me errors related to the unicode/utf8 byte order mark. I do not get this error when running the same task from OS X. Anyways what 's an easy way to remove

AW: Need to convert windows batch script (build script) to ant 's build.xml

cls You dont use this in Ant. Ants output is passed to (maybe several) listeners and they dont support cleaning previous output. Writing to STDOUT is only one listeners. xcopy <copy > cd No use in An

Need to convert windows batch script (build script) to ant 's build.xml

Hi All I have one build script which is totally in windows batch script. I am planning to convert that script in Ant 's build.xml. Batch script contains all the windows related commands such as cl

Getting Ant property from Java class

How do I set a property equal to a value obtained from a Java class? For example in our app we define the version in a constant class MyClass { static public final String VERSION "1.0 " }

fnd host operating system in build file.

is there any ant tasks to find the host operating system it 's running on in a build file? like win / mac / linux / etc. -- View this message in context http //

The Manifest task

Hello I have large number of library jars that I need to add to a project that will be deployed on Websphere. I am using the manifest task inside the ear task to accomplish this. I just list the

AW: JDK142, ANT154: Convert java class name to relative path

<project > <property name " " value " "/ > <ac propertyregex xmlns ac "antlib net.sf.antcontrib " property "myclass.path " input "${} "

Deleting contents from a zip file

Is there a way to remove specific contents from a zip file using the <zipentry > resource (or somethhing else)? I don 't want to extract the entire zip file delete the file then re-zip everything up.

Question about <xmlcatalog > usage

Hello all I 've been given a directory of XML files that I need to process. All the files have the following text at the top <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "ISO-8859-1 "? > <!DOCTYPE Simpson SYSTEM "/s

JDK142, ANT154: Convert java class name to relative path

I 'm trying to build something that determines a set of file names to pass to the PMD Ant task. At one step I have a Java class name and I need to convert it to a relative file path. How do I conve

JWare / AntXTras help

Hey All I 'm trying to get up and running with JWare / AntXtras. need a little help. I 'm building a build system that is being deployed to some developers. And I want to include some of the tasks in
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