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dev ant Standard repository layout? Josh Suereth 2014-04-10
dev ant AW: JDK 9 build 06 is available on Jan Matèrne 2014-04-10
dev ant JDK 9 build 06 is available on Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-04-09
dev ant Bug report for Ant [2014/04/06] bugzilla 2014-04-06
dev ant Ivy issues publishing with overwrite=false to A... Josh Suereth 2014-04-04
dev ant svn commit: r1580520 - in /ant/core/trunk: ./ m... Matt Sicker 2014-03-31
dev ant svn commit: r1553704 - /ant/ivy/core/trunk/src/... Matt Sicker 2014-04-01
dev ant [ANNOUNCE] Apache Ivy 2.4.0-RC1 released Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-04-01
dev ant Ivy performance fix Maarten Coene 2014-04-01
user ant Ant build from source instructions incorrect? Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-03-31
dev ant Ivy tests not passing Josh Suereth 2014-03-31
dev ant Next Release (was Re: taskdef can't find exist... Stefan Bodewig 2014-03-31
dev ant TeamCity ant builds Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-03-30
dev ant taskdef can't find existing resource in jar fi... Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-03-30
dev ant Bug report for Ant [2014/03/30] bugzilla 2014-03-30
user ant AW: Maven Ant Plugin question Matèrne, Jan 2014-03-28
user ant Maven Ant Plugin question hwpstorage 2014-03-27
dev ant [RESULT][VOTE]Apache Ivy 2.4.0-rc1 Maarten Coene 2014-03-26
dev ant AntClassLoader performance problem Jesse Glick 2014-03-25
dev ant [VOTE] Apache Ivy 2.4.0-rc1 Release Charles Duffy 2014-03-24
dev ant ant pull request: Add a "quiet" attribute to ... hydra1983 2014-03-23
dev ant Bug report for Ant [2014/03/23] bugzilla 2014-03-23
dev ant Potential Malware in Bugzilla 56302 Stefan Bodewig 2014-03-23
dev ant JDK 8 Update 20 build 05 & JDK 7 Update 60 buil... Rory O'Donnell Or... 2014-03-19
dev ant Bug report for Ant [2014/03/16] bugzilla 2014-03-16
dev ant svn commit: r1577363 - in /ant/ivy/core/trunk: ... Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-03-14
dev ant [VOTE] Ivy 2.4.0-rc1 Release Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-03-11
dev ant Patch: add support for http.agent override Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-03-09
user ant Ant on Mac OS X Antoine Levy-Lambert 2014-03-09
dev ant Bug report for Ant [2014/03/09] bugzilla 2014-03-09
dev ant DirectoryScanner and "strange" File entities Stefan Bodewig 2014-03-04
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