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problems with cvs task

problems with cvs task

2005-06-27       - By blackwater dev
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Hello all,

I am trying to check out files using the cvs task but am still having
problems.  When I ssh in, I am able to simply go to my directory and
do a cvs update to get all the latest files.  In my build file, I am
using the task below.  I took the cvsRoot from the root file I found
in my cvs directories:

<cvs   cvsRoot=":extssh:blackwater@(protected):/usr/local/cvs"

But I get this error:

     [cvs] cvs update: Unknown method (`extssh') in CVSROOT.
     [cvs] cvs [update aborted]: Bad CVSROOT:

I have tried several other methods but nothing seems to work.

Please help.


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