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help with subant pleeeeeeease

help with subant pleeeeeeease

2005-06-27       - By hind.lwahhabi@(protected)
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i am working on a project wich has the following sources directory structure:
         |  common.xml
         |  superbuild.xml
         +-- modules
               +-- modA
                    +-- src
               |     +-- src
               +-- modB
                     +-- src
                      +-- modB1
                          +-- src
                          +-- modB2
                                +-- src

which means that you have as many nested src directories as you want(indeed!!)
;the nested build.xml are located under each prj folder.
how can i use subant and its fileset or dir nested elements to parse all the
prj folders under "modules" in order to run all the build.xml??Or should i use
regular expressions or scripting?
Please any help is welcome since it is very urgent.thank you for any guideline.


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