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Jar Locking

Jar Locking

2006-08-30       - By Alexey N. Solofnenko
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For the same reason, I switched to use generated classes in my IDE
(JBuilder). JAR files are only generated for full builds. As a side
effect, development builds are now much faster.

- Alexey.

Marc Farrow wrote:
> Everytime I run an ant task (either in NetBeans or from within Java
> Code),
> the executing jar gets locked and I cannot delete the jar.  I am copying
> the
> ant script and the dependent jar that it needs to run and then executing
> the
> ant tasks.  Then I wish to delete the "new" copy I just created to run,
> but
> a jar I am using is locked and will not allow me.  This in on a Windows
> 2000
> machine.
> Steps to recreate problem in NetBeans:
> 1) Create a new Java Application that extends Ant and creates a Jar or
> even
> uses an existing one such as ant-contrib.jar.
> 2) Run an the new ant task from within the build script of another
> project
> (via import command).
> 3) Delete project created in step 1).
> 4) Go to windows explorer and try to remove rest of sources, etc from
> the
> folder that the project in step 1) was created in.
> Steps to recreate similar problem using Ant Programmatically.
>   (All actions happen within same instance of a java class).
> 1)  Check out favorite project from your favorite source control
> (programmatically).
> 2)  Programmatically call the Ant script and build the project you just
> checked out.
> 3)  Once build has completed (and with no errors) try to delete the
> project
> you just checked out.
> Anyone have any suggestions to keep the "jars" from being locked after
> execution of the Ant script?
> Thank you,
> Marc

Alexey N. Solofnenko <>
Pleasant Hill, CA (GMT-8 usually)

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