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Jar Locking

Jar Locking

2006-09-01       - By Steve Loughran
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Stephen McConnell wrote:
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>> From: Marc Farrow [mailto:marc.farrow@(protected)]
>> Sent: Friday, 1 September 2006 2:35 AM
>> To: Ant Users List
>> Subject: Re: Jar Locking
>> Thanks Stephen.  If I set all references to Ant to null and
>> forced GC, would that resolve the problem?
> Well, umm, this is tricky.  If your loading a task or data type definition I
> think Ant holds a strong reference to the class which would suggest that
> setting things to null would not change (because strong references are held
> for the life of the JVM).  I may be wrong here because it's been a while
> since I dug into Ant internals on task class references - but one of the Ant
> Developers could probably confirm things.  
> However, if your running Ant as an embedded solution - then in principal the
> disposal of the Ant project would clear any task and datatype references and
> you may have a chance.  But this is tricky stuff and getting it right really
> requires that the Ant project and all Ant related stuff is loaded in a child
> classloader relative to the launching application (i.e. it's the classloader
> disposal that is key to the releasing of the file reference).  
> It is possible - but it's not trivial.
> Cheers, Steve.

Isnt it the case that if you hold any class created by a classloader,
there is reference to the classloader? because I can always go

you'd need to forget about every object created and returned by ant itself

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