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Weird Deleting Problems..

Weird Deleting Problems..

2006-09-14       - By Dan McFadyen
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I know this is probably going to be a rather odd problem but here goes...

We have out Build Environment on a network share (Ant, Ant jars, compile
jars, etc) which just got replaced with a newer machine.

Since that time the ant scripts have been failing while trying to delete
local files on the Build machine (the network share is mapped to another
drive letter on the same machine). The files being deleted are .class files
that were just compiled, obfuscated and JARed moments before.

I know this is probably some handle open to the file from ant which is
causing the delete to fail, and the only immediate difference I can see is
that the new network share is faster than the old one. I tried sleeping the
delete to see if that would make a difference, but it had no effect.

Any ideas on how to solve this are welcome.



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