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Weird Deleting Problems..

Weird Deleting Problems..

2006-09-14       - By Steve Loughran
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Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> this does sound weird.
> are you sure that the ant binaries that you are using now from the new
network share are the same as previously ?
> is your java runtime the same as previously ?
> Regards,
> Antoine
> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
> Datum: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 09:41:32 -0400
> Von: "Dan McFadyen" <danm@(protected)>
> An: user@(protected)
> Betreff: Weird Deleting Problems..
>> Hello,
>> I know this is probably going to be a rather odd problem but here goes...
>> We have out Build Environment on a network share (Ant, Ant jars, compile
>> jars, etc) which just got replaced with a newer machine.
>> Since that time the ant scripts have been failing while trying to delete
>> local files on the Build machine (the network share is mapped to another
>> drive letter on the same machine). The files being deleted are .class
>> files
>> that were just compiled, obfuscated and JARed moments before.
>> I know this is probably some handle open to the file from ant which is
>> causing the delete to fail, and the only immediate difference I can see is
>> that the new network share is faster than the old one. I tried sleeping
>> the
>> delete to see if that would make a difference, but it had no effect.

Possibly clock differences between shares. Is your network server in the
same TZ and NTP server binding?


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