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ant and eclipse?

ant and eclipse?

2006-09-29       - By Mark Modrall
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           We do all of our development in eclipse and use ant 1.6.5
for our nightly builds on another machine.  But someone just tried to
invoke ant to run our junit tests on his dev machine.  He went into the
eclipse project directory and executed the ant build.xml file there, but
the javac task on the junit tests failed with a strange compile error
against one of the base classes to be tested (a "bad class file" error
on the use of generics).

           Finally narrowed it down to the fact that the .class files
produced by eclipse aren't compatible with the class files produced by
<javac>.  If I recompile the base classes from the command line using
javac, then the junit test compiles.  The problem is that it's hard to
map what options eclipse is using to javac commandline parameters, so I
can't tell what is causing the incompatibility.

           Eclipse has a Run As... option for ant projects but when I
try to run it from inside eclipse, it says it doesn't know about

           First, anyone know how to tell what the two compilers don't
like about each other?  And second, how does one get eclipse to run ant



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