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Ant and the Windows Registry

Ant and the Windows Registry

2006-10-13       - By Dominique Devienne
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> (why oh why did sun not support jdirect?)

Unless jdirect only allowed use of primitives (and String and 1D
arrays of primitives, which would be copied) as args to the methods
called, my guess would be because of reference tracking issues.

Also, how could you have the Java code listening on events thrown from
the C++ code using JDirect? (yep, I did that; had to.)  Python has a
module that sounds like JDirect, so it probably can be ported to Java
(using JNI and arch-specific assembly wizardry. The former I know, not
the latter), but you still have the install of the JNI stuff...
Writing out a .dll or .so to a location already on LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
Path makes me a little unconfortable, and is likely to be impossible
on Unix anyway. --DD

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