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Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

2006-10-16       - By Hans Schwaebli
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Why does it take so long to finish the next version of Ant?

Because of the delay of the next Ant version, the next version of Cruise
Control is delayed too.

At least you should have released quickly a Ant version with built in support
for JUnit 4.

Antoine Levy-Lambert <antoine@(protected)> wrote: Hi,

Ant 1.7.0Beta3 has just been released. This will be visible on our
website in one hour at most.

A number of bugs have been corrected since Ant 1.7.0Beta2. One important
change or correction is that the processing of references is now
deferred to the time of target execution, not done when the build files
are parsed.



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