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Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

2006-10-16       - By Steve Loughran
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Hans Schwaebli wrote:
> Why does it take so long to finish the next version of Ant?

1. we go through a rigorous beta test phase as it is the best way of
making sure you havent broken anything. Even so, we know that lots of
people will not touch it until version 1.7.0 ships, and there will be a
flurry of bugreps, usually related to odd system configurations

> Because of the delay of the next Ant version, the next version of Cruise
Control is delayed too.

2. That's a shame. I've been using Luntbuild and it binds quite nicely
to Ant1.7

> At least you should have released quickly a Ant version with built in support
for JUnit 4.

Alternatively, "Junit4 should have been backwards compatilbe with the
previous version. See point (1)

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