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Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

2006-10-16       - By Steve Loughran
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James Abley wrote:
> Steve Loughran wrote:
>> Hans Schwaebli wrote:
>>> At least you should have released quickly a Ant version with built in
>>> support for JUnit 4.
>> Alternatively, "Junit4 should have been backwards compatilbe with the
>> previous version. See point (1)
> +1
> To add another thing to consider, perhaps the <junit/> task should be an
> externally owned task, similarly to <testng/>, rather than something
> that is part of ANT, even as an optional task. Then the JUnit4 guys, or
> whoever owns the accompanying task, would be responsible for providing
> an updated version.

we had a skype teleconf with them on this topic a while back, and that's
effectively what is going to happen. ant's <junit> is constrained to be
backwards compatible and run on Java1.2, 1.3+, whereas junit's own task
would be able to be java5 only, and in perfect sync with junit releases.
They would of course have to deal with changes across ant's versions.

However, the junit team lack the time and skills to do ant tasks. So it
will come to us -ant users and developers to write (and possibly
maintain) the task. We need to not only give it to them, we need to show
them how to maintain it.

FYI, I have been doing some stuff with hosting junit tests under
smartfrog, our deployment framework:

There we can run tests in one process, and feed the results to another
by way of java RMI; I have a serialized representation of test results
that I can feed to another process. Having something like that inside
<junit> would let us run the logging inside Ant, while the tests would
be in their own process. I also have a different format for test
results, one that streams out instead of buffers until the end.

I'd like the same stuff in a <junit4> task, ideally. In fact, ideally,
I'd like the classes representing junit-results-on-the-wire to be in
junit.jar, rather than my code.


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