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Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

2006-10-16       - By Steve Loughran
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Prashant wrote:
> Is there any reason why ANT 1.7 still distributes Xerces 2.6.2 in its
> lib [1] ? While the current release version of Xerces is 2.8 with
> support for DOM Level 3, Schema Validation, Not to mention the bug fixes.

As of 30 seconds ago, it distributes v 2.8.1. Version 2.6.2 does do XSD
validation BTW, which is why Ant1.7 has a <schemavalidate> task.

> Last time i tried to compile code that uses the DOM Level 3 API, the
> xml-apis.jar in ant/lib got in the way and i had to use
> java.endorsed.dirs mechanism in ANT_OPTS.

Ah, joy, the java endorsed dirs mechanism. If that is causing a problem
for you, then the version of xml-apis in ant/lib is moot; you need to
get a better version into an endorsed directory.

> -Prashant
> [1]:
> PS: I have not downloaded the 1.7, i am not sure if the ANT downloads
> later versions of Xerces from repositories at build time.

Cant do that, because in the Maven repositories

-xml-apis is at 2.6.0
-xerces is at 2.8.1, and has a dependency on xml-apis 1.3.03.

We keep it under SCM, as it is the only thing needed at boot time.
Historically it was also there because there was no bundled Java parser,
and when one did come, it was only Crimson. But for the 1.5+ world, we
could think about doing a no-parser distro. Not for 1.7, there will be
too many surprises related to manifests. Something to think of.


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