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Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

Ant 1.7.0Beta3 released

2006-10-16       - By Steve Loughran
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Prashant wrote:
> Steve Loughran wrote:
>> Prashant wrote:
>>> Is there any reason why ANT 1.7 still distributes Xerces 2.6.2 in its
>>> lib [1] ? While the current release version of Xerces is 2.8 with
>>> support for DOM Level 3, Schema Validation, Not to mention the bug
>>> fixes.
>> As of 30 seconds ago, it distributes v 2.8.1. Version 2.6.2 does do
>> XSD validation BTW, which is why Ant1.7 has a <schemavalidate> task.
> Ah, yes. I should have said JAXP 1.3 Schema Validation API. The thing
> thats returned by SchemaFactory.newSchema()[1]
> But whats the reason to sticking to Xerces 2.6.2 ?

Like I said: its just been upgraded.

> Anything more than  "Don't fix what not broken" ?

Its just laziness. We have an implicit trust in the quality of other
open source products, or, more to the point, know that SVN_HEAD is where
bug fixes go. Its just Ant's use of XML is limited to DTD-free,
schema-free, namespace aware XML. We dont see the main problems that you
may if you go near the PVSI, and dont use bleeding edge APIs that dont
work in older JVM versions. We also suspect that people running Ant in
IDEs or embedded use may not even use Xerces, so try not to hard-code
dependence on Xerces, either.

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