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Task help

Task help

2006-10-17       - By Muthyala, Sunil
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Hello all,

I am trying to automate some tasks and I need your help.

1.   How to unzip a folder on a remote server (Windows NT), I am unable
to nest it inside of FTP.

I am zipping a folder on local machine and FTP'ing it to the server, but I
need to unzip it in tmp folder and move the unzipped folder to the right
path on the server. Does REXEC work for windows box?

2.   I want to read the txt or doc which has full path and file names of
files to be pulled from VSS.

I need to feed the contents of this txt file as input to the vsspath, I
tried using LOADFILE and saving it as property, but it reads only first line
and not the subsequent. Does ANT have a for loop kind of command or any
other to this kind of job.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sunil Muthyala

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