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Task help

Task help

2006-10-18       - By Steve Loughran
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Muthyala, Sunil wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to automate some tasks and I need your help.
> 1.   How to unzip a folder on a remote server (Windows NT), I am unable
> to nest it inside of FTP.
> I am zipping a folder on local machine and FTP'ing it to the server, but I
> need to unzip it in tmp folder and move the unzipped folder to the right
> path on the server. Does REXEC work for windows box?

1. no, not unless you have a rexec server

2. rexec is hideously insecure. Use SSH.

3. there isnt an sshd by default there either, though commercial ones exist

4. you can always use telnet, if you install a telnet server. but you
must configure it to allow hopelessy insecure logins.

> 2.   I want to read the txt or doc which has full path and file names of
> files to be pulled from VSS.
> I need to feed the contents of this txt file as input to the vsspath, I
> tried using LOADFILE and saving it as property, but it reads only first line
> and not the subsequent. Does ANT have a for loop kind of command or any
> other to this kind of job.

Not really, no. A bit of inline scripting may be your best bet.

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