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Build successful but nothing produced

Build successful but nothing produced

2006-10-20       - By Tom Corcoran
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Thanks, really appreciate the help. The only user is myself. After your
previous mail I had just seen the dist option. Perhaps the help on the
project tag could be expanded to included the compile/dist options. "the
default target to use when no target is supplied. " does not mean a lot
to the likes of this newbie.

Using the dist option is does create the jar! Conversely to before when
it set build successful it now says build failed :-) Build.xml:27 A zip
file cannot include itself. does not tell me
about saving to a file but I'll keep at it.

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From: EJ Ciramella [mailto:ejciramella@(protected)]
Sent: 20 October 2006 18:08
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Subject: RE: Build successful but nothing produced

If you wanted to have the jar built up, you'd need to run the "dist"
target (looking at your build file).

In my experience, this should be the default target, if your users want
to do anything less, they can run the individual targets.

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