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Build successful but nothing produced

Build successful but nothing produced

2006-10-24       - By Tom Corcoran
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From: EJ Ciramella [mailto:ejciramella@(protected)]

Sent: 20 October 2006 18:28

To: Ant Users List

Subject: RE: Build successful but nothing produced

>Most builds have a build directory associated with them.  So src would

>get compiled into classes (so src/com/package/ would wind up in

>classes/com/package/foo.class).  Similarly, the "build" directory would

>contain the results of the artifact build up (your jar and maybe a tar

>containing scripts needed to run your classes in their jarred format).

Changing the dist directory was all it needed, like you say the can't be
the same. The project I have inherited has them the same and does not
use a package name either, I'll have to refactor things.

Got the file written out nicely with




   <entry  key="CompileDateTimeStr" type="date" value="now" pattern="d
MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss"/>


Pity about the slashes appearing before the colon's in the output. I'll
have to parse them out before displaying the date.

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From: Anderson, Rob (Global Trade) [mailto:Rob.Anderson@(protected)]

Sent: 23 October 2006 19:31

To: Ant Users List

Subject: RE: Build successful but nothing produced

>The compile/dist options are not really options, they are arguments.

>arguments you supply to ant at runtime depend on what you want to do

>the targets that are defined in the build file. Not all build files

>define a compile or dist target... the names of targets are arbitrary.

>That is why they are not mentioned in the documentation.

Fair enough. A mentioned or link to how the arguments are used to
compile/dist might be a clue :-)

Thanks for all the help.


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