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Example: error loading a mysqldump file

Example: error loading a mysqldump file

2006-10-26       - By Steve Loughran
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Scot P. Floess wrote:
> Honestly, this is an implementation issue IMHO with regards to Ant.  It
> is treating each line as ONE sql statement.  By using the -line
> continuation- character, it should fix the problem - namely the \
> character.
> Placing SQL statements in a file makes perfect sense...perhaps he is
> trying to put database creation, or population information there?  I've
> done it before and I saw no reason why one wouldn't want to do that...
> And, this isn't an issue of ctrl-M characters...  I had this problem on
> a Linux system using a ViM created file under Linux...  Ant is treating
> the newline as a delimiter for the SQL statement.

yes, how <sql> breaks tasks up is pretty messy. I think there are some
bugs there with anything like a ; followed by whitespace not being
picked up as a delimiter either.

But I think part of the problem is that sql files found in the field are
pretty messy too, because different databases handle different variations.


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