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Can 't get env.HOSTNAME

Can 't get env.HOSTNAME

2006-11-17       - By EJ Ciramella
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Hey guys, I'm trying to do something really simple - echo the machine
name of the machine running this particular build script.

Crazy thing is, I've seen this work well a billion times over, now it's
not working...

Here's what I have:

<target name="get-env">
  <property environment="env"/>
  <echo message="${env.HOSTNAME}"/>  <-- since it's a unix box, this
should work
  <echo message="${env.NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS}"/>
  <echo message="${env.ANT_HOME}"/>

I have the others in there just to see if they work, and the only one
that actuall echos out anything is the ant home one.

What gives?

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