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containsregex and concat

containsregex and concat

2006-11-26       - By George Bills
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I've been trying to use a regular expression and the concat task to pull
summary tables (<table class="summary">...</table>) out of a set of test
reports. The reports are all HTML files sitting in ${report.path}. The
task works fine up until I start trying to select output from it with
<containsregex>. Is there something wrong with my regular expression? Is
there an easier way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.

The code is:
<target name="summary"> <!-- make a report summary -->
   <property name="summary.start" value="&lt;table
class=&quot;summary&quot;&gt;" />
   <property name="summary.body"  value=".*?" /> <!-- enable "s" for
newline matches -->
   <property name="summary.end"   value="&lt;/table&gt;" />
   <property name="summary.regex"
value="${summary.start}${summary.body}${summary.end}" />
       <fileset dir="${report.path}"
           excludes="${summary.file}" />
                   <filetokenizer />
                   <containsregex flags="is"
                                  pattern="${summary.regex}" />

The regular expression echoes as:
<table class="summary">.*?</table>

I've done some testing of the expression at, and it seems to work there.

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