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AntForm question

AntForm question

2006-11-29       - By Rebhan, Gilbert
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use a condition to check whether those props are already set
<condition property="noAntForm">
           <isset property="foo"/>
           <isset property="bar"/>

and in the target where AntForm comes in use unless
<target name="useAntForm" unless="noAntForm">


so the target useAntForm is only executed if those props are not
already set.

Regards, Gilbert

-----Original Message-----
From: Hans Schwaebli [mailto:hans_schwaebli@(protected)]
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 11:06 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: AntForm question

When I run this, the form is shown, although all properties are already
set. If all properties are set, why does it show the form? More
important? How can I teach Antform not to show the form if all
properties are set?

         <property name="recipient" value="a"/>
       <property name="subject" value="b"/>
       <property name="body" value="c"/>
       <property name="send" value="d"/>
       <antform title="Send Mail"
     <label>To send a mail, use the following form. Pick a recipient,
type a subject and a body...the script will do the rest.</label>
     <selectionProperty unless="recipient" label="Recipient: "
property="recipient" values="address1@(protected);
address2@(protected); address4@(protected)" separator=";"/>
     <textProperty unless="subject" label="Subject : "
property="subject" />
     <multilineTextProperty unless="body" label="Message body: "
     <booleanProperty unless="send" label="Send immediately: "

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