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please update the next release of Ant 1.7 to Xerces 2.9.0

please update the next release of Ant 1.7 to Xerces 2.9.0

2006-12-01       - By Steve Loughran
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Jacob Kjome wrote:
> I saw that one of the release notes for Ant-1.7.0RC1 was...
> "Upgraded XML API and parser to Xerces 2.8.1"
> You may be interested to know that Xerces has now released version 2.9.0
> [1] and, along with it, a proper official release of
> xml-commons-external-1.3.04 (otherwise known as xml-apis-1.3.04) [2].  A
> number of bug fixes and features were implemented as well.  Also note
> that as of Xerces 2.9.0, there is now a shared serializer library and
> the Xerces native serializers have been deprecated.  When serializer.jar
> (shipped with both Xerces2 and the next version of Xalan) is in the
> classpath, this new shared serialization framework will be used instead
> of the deprecated Xerces framework.  There's also a new release of
> xml-commons-resolver-1.2 [3] which includes a number of features and bug
> fixes.  I don't think Ant specifically uses that one, but I thought I'd
> mention it just in case.
> I hope that Xerces-2.9.0, xml-apis-1.3.04, and the new serializer jar
> (2.7.1, according the MANIFEST.MF, I guess to match the next version of
> Xalan?) can make it into Ant before the official 1.7.0 release.
> Jake

Jake, are you part of the Xerces team?

We can do this, but we like the stuff in the repository to
be in sync, if possible, and that's not been the case for the last few

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