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Odd Behavior

Odd Behavior

2006-12-27       - By Res Pons
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I'm hoping someone could help me with my ant compile process.  I have set up
the build process and automation on a linux centOS box.

When I cd into the build subfolder and manually run

$ ant clean build

Everything's ok.

But when the cronjob kicks in  and tries to compile, I get tons of errors:

--here's the cronjob entry:

40 12 * * * /home/rsvp/ > /home/rsvp/cron.log

--here's an excerpt from the build file (

cd project
svn update > $HOME/svnupdate.log
cd build
ant clean build

The problem I'm seeing is that the compile generates way too much verbose
information and causes the build to generate errors and stop, any ideas?

   [javac] Compiling 2331 source files to /project/trunk/common/.classes
   [javac] ----------
   [javac] 1. WARNING in /project/trunk/common/path/
   [javac]  (at line 13)
   [javac]   import classpath;
   [javac]         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   [javac] The import classpath is never used
   [javac] ----------
   [javac] ----------
   [javac] 2. WARNING in /project/trunk/common/path/
   [javac]  (at line 15)
   [javac]   import cclasspath;
   [javac]         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   [javac] The import classpath is never used
   [javac] ----------
   [javac] ----------
   [javac] 3. WARNING in /project/trunk/common/path/
   [javac]  (at line 22)
   [javac]   private static Logger the_log = Logger
   [javac]                        ^^^^^^^
   [javac] The field blah_blah.the_log is never read locally
   [javac] ----------
   [javac] ----------


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