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Custom processor for Xslt task?

Custom processor for Xslt task?

2007-01-02       - By Dominique Devienne
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On 12/30/06, Trevor Harmon <trevor@(protected)> wrote:
> I'm trying to use Saxon instead of the built-in Xalan processor for
> the Xslt task. Supposedly, all I have to do is specify a classpath
> when calling the task [1], but I've never been able to get this to
> work. Ant always finds the built-in processor in its lib directory.

Using the excellent Saxon XSLT processor with Ant is discussed in Ant Wiki.

To answer Jay, Ant uses the JDK-provided TraX API to locate an XSLT
processor, which obeys the discovery rules prescribed by TraX. In
short, if Saxon is first in the classpath, it should be the processor
picked up by default. Using an explicit factory overrides this default
behavior. --DD

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