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ANT task to process properties-files into static class

ANT task to process properties-files into static class

2007-01-02       - By Rapthor
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I think this problem is very interesting. I have a web application that
needs various configuration. I'm using a properties file that is loaded into
a Properties-class.

The problem arrises when runtime exceptions are thrown
(NullPointerException) by using:

String value = props.getProperty("myProp");

(In this case the entry "myProp" is not available.)

The solution would be to process the properties file and put all keys and
values into a class with public static attributes:

class Props {
public static String myProp = "123";

This processing should be done with ANT! It shall create a JAVA file before
the general compilation task. This would be great and runtime exceptions
concerning a lack of propertie-keys are extinguished forever.

Is there any tool for ANT that helps?

Thanks in advance.
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