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ANT task to process properties-files into static class

ANT task to process properties-files into static class

2007-01-02       - By James Abley
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If that's the sort of thing you're after, Log4J has a similar mechanism
which can monitor the config file and polls to see if it needs to reload
the configuration. [1]

I think that would provide a template for you. YMMV.




Rapthor wrote:
> Rapthor wrote:
>> Donald McLean wrote:
>>> Really? That sounds like a case of "The cure is worse than the disease."
>>> I can't imagine a single case where something like that would be a
>>> better solution than the three or four techniques for providing static
>>> attributes that I'm already familiar with.
>>> However, of course, YMMV.
>> Hmm you mean I should leave the properties file out and create a static
>> class instead? That sounds useful ... On the first attempt I wanted to use
>> JAVAs Properties-class and so I used properties-files as base.
>> Did I get you right?
> Now I remember: I wanted to be able to change configuration values at
> runtime. I would just have to provide a mechanism to reload the Properties
> instance with the file. But the mechanism to create a static class does not
> confirm with that idea.

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