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Custom processor for Xslt task?

Custom processor for Xslt task?

2007-01-03       - By Dominique Devienne
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> I've created a test case that's just like the Ant Wiki code, except
> I've specified net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl in the <factory>
> element. But when I do that, I always get
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. I can work around it by explicitly
> putting Saxon's JAR in the -lib command-line parameter, or in my
> CLASSPATH environment variable, but then that defeats the whole point
> of a factory override.

I always used the -lib approach myself, and can't easily test this
nowdays, sorry. It's quite possible there's a classloader issue that
prevents the Saxon factory to be loaded properly from a jar specified
in the <xslt>'s nested <classpath>. Just check the obvious, like the
spelling of the factory class name, the classpath, etc..., just in
case. Good luck, --DD

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