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2007-01-11       - By Thomas Voigt
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-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 10:40:42 -0800 (PST)
Von: Matt Benson <gudnabrsam@(protected)>
An: Ant Users List <user@(protected)>
Betreff: Re: ConcurrentModificationException

> Hi--
> there appear to be synchronization issues around Ant's
> properties.  Here, setting a property (I imagine) and

yes, I do define properties when I check whether a subdirectory is available.
(And another user already alerted me to the fact that there seems to be a
problem if properties are set and passed to a new ant task at the same time -
which sounds like a good guess what's going on.)
Basically the macro checks

<available file="@{subdir}" type="dir" property="DirAvailable_@{subdir}"/>
<if><isset property="DirAvailable_@{subdir}"/>
   <ant dir="@{subdir}"/>

(etc., with some variations on the theme)

> getting all properties (<ant inheritAll="true">) in
> <parallel> can sometimes throw the comod exception.  A
> possible workaround would be to use inheritAll="false"
> (true is default) and specify only the properties you
> need for your sub-builds, if any.

Well, I need quite a number of properties in my subtargets, unfortunately.
Would it possibly help if I did the directory testing in a separate ant target,
i.e. have the macro simply invoke a wrapper target that contains the current
macro code?

I guess it's worth a try.

> As far as I can tell Ant 1.6.5 should exhibit the same
> problem; to track this I have entered

I'll add some feedback if I find a workaround (which should give a good idea
what's going wrong).

Best regards, Thomas

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