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Invoking a target (Ant 1.7) in a loop (Ant-Contrib)

Invoking a target (Ant 1.7) in a loop (Ant-Contrib)

2007-01-17       - By Rebo, Alex
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> well, I dont think you need to do any big loops or iteration. You can do
> a bulk verify too, using verifyproperty=true

The BIG loop was brought in because it is not clear whether
<checksum ...>
  <fileset refid="someFileSet" />

will failfast after the first unsuccessfull iteration.
While <checksum> does NOT allow <fail> inside, it is not clear
how to stop verifying <checksum> immediately after the first failed check.
How would you handle the situation?

> yes, it gets detailed coverage in both the Ant 1.7 manuals and in the
> forthcoming Ant in Action :)

Well, I already expressed my concerns regarding "Working with Resources" of
Ch. 5 as well as coverage provided by the manual.
If all is well I won't be distracting people with my Qs. :)


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