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Invoking a target (Ant 1.7) in a loop (Ant-Contrib)

Invoking a target (Ant 1.7) in a loop (Ant-Contrib)

2007-01-17       - By Rebo, Alex
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> 1. it's resource aware,but only file resources work;

Should I use this as a blessing to go ahead with The BIG Loop?
Look, Steve, at this point ( just started with Ant) I can't express an
educated opinion
and parasiting on other's source.

> Well, I already expressed my concerns regarding "Working with Resources"
> Ch. 5 as well as coverage provided by the manual.

> what, not enough detail?

Indeed. O'Reilly's "Ant" is a good reference
(except contrib, which was intentionally omitted; not clear "why", however;
it deserved an "honorable mention" at least).

And supplements manual (that tells a lot about the manual itself:
if you need 300 extra pages to explain the subject maybe smth is missing
from the original

But both fall short of providing a  "logical path".
Just by looking at the class name I can get a feeling of what I might expect
that class to do.
Most likely, I don't work with Ant long enough to "grow" such sense.
That is what I'm expecting from a book.  

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