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filelist/fileset with multiple directory

filelist/fileset with multiple directory

2007-01-25       - By Mikael Sitruk
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I've better understood your answer now, I've just a last question for the
implementation of the custom selector:
Can a custom selector get a reference to a patternset or can I define a pattern
set in a custom selector

If I take back your solution
   <fileset dir="Dir1"/>
   <fileset dir="Dir2"/>
   <fileset dir="Dir3"/>

I would like to change the returnsfirstmatch to
  <param name="patternref" value="alreadydefinedpattern"/>

      <includesfile name="a.txt"/>

Is it possible?

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On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Mikael Sitruk <MikaelS@(protected)> wrote:

> 1. From my understanding the selector are part of a fileset,

Not necessarily, in my answer I used it inside a <restrict> resource
collection (and I used a Resourceselector, not a FileSelector).


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