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Python implementation for Ant

Python implementation for Ant

2007-02-07       - By Steve Loughran
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Hans Schwaebli wrote:
> What do you think about the XML format used for writing Ant scripts? I don't
like it.

Interesting religious issue there. I know a lot of anti-XML people, and
tools like rake, capistrano and puppet all use ruby as their language
for describing building or deploying stuff.

at the same time, the nice thing about XML is that there are a lot of
XML-specific tools, all of which work with ant nicely. So there is some
benefit in tooling from having a common language, even if XML is pretty
painful at times.

>   What about writing Ant scripts in a script language like Python or Jython
instead of writing them in XML? I think it would be much more productive.

gratuitous product placement: smartfrog, has the
ability to run ant stuff as part of a deployment:
  copyTask2 extends copy {
      todir "/juliotmp/kk";
      filtering "true";
      verbose "true";
      myFileSet extends fileset {
        dir "/";
        includes "*.txt";

      globMapper extends globmapper {
        from "*";
        to "*.bak";


Its there to give you access to all the ant tasks during a deployment,
letting you do late binding stuff like creating a WAR file on the fly,
rather than at build time.

Its not intended to be a replacement at build time, though these days I
kind of blur the two. Is creating a WAR file for a specific host a build
time thing, or a deployment activity?

>   There seems to be a private project for this, but it is not official, not
from Apache.

in the OSS world, there is no *official*. If its good, use it!


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