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Python implementation for Ant

Python implementation for Ant

2007-02-08       - By Hans Schwaebli
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I reply to all of you here.
 For me it does not matter so much, if Ant's XML is replaced by Python, Jython
, Groovy or another scripting language. I think all would be better for writing
Ant scripts than the XML way.
 In the beginning of Ant, XML seemed to be a good way. But as it evolved, I
guess it got more and more elements of a scripting language and the XML way
became more and more less suitable. XML was not made for writing a script with
it but for being a data container. It is like a fork was not made to comb hair
but to eat with it. That is my opinion and experience.
 I once tried just to use the Ant API programatically in Java instead of
writing XML files and thought that it was not designed for being used in a
productive way but for being able to do anything. But I am not sure if this
still applies, because that was two years ago when I tried it this way.
 Eclipse has now added support for debugging Ant scripts, which shows their
script nature. But other IDE developers have to implement such a debugging
feature too. If for example Python is used for writing Ant scripts, there are
many IDEs with good support for writing, much better than a normal XML editor.
Or am I wrong?
 It is your baby, the Ant thing. I just told the you what I personally would
change if I were responsible for Ant.

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