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How to compile jsp files with ANT

How to compile jsp files with ANT

2007-02-21       - By Rashmi Rubdi
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I've used JUnit before, I do want to learn HttpUnit (among so many other things
that I need to learn :-) But thanks for providing the details, they're helpful.

I've worked on a few eXtreme Programming projects, and recognize the importance
of test-first-design.

The main reason for using Jasper was not to verify the that the JSPs would
compile but was only to reduce
the page load time for the customers/visitors and since we used the same
version of Tomcat accross all stages
of development compatibility wasn't a smaller issue for that team.

But now, I can see why we developers weren't allowed to upgrade to a newer
version of Tomcat, it was mandatory
for us to use Tomcat 4.1 even though a much newer version of TC was available
at that time.


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I do what John suggests and use HttpUnit.

1. you need those tests anyway
2. you can fetch all pages, including error pages and those that need
auth (if your tests log in first)
3. you can also walk every link from the index page and verify you have
no broken links

the hard part is writing the tests with side effects; the ones that add
stuff to the shopping basket and pay for them, or which move money
between bank accounts. But you know what? You need them anyway.

in a dev env, you deploy, run the tests while you go get a coffee and
all is well. On production, you can run the tests on the live system
immediately after every deployment.

Really, if you dont use httpunit, now is the time to learn :)


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