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How to compile jsp files with ANT

How to compile jsp files with ANT

2007-02-21       - By Steve Loughran
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Rashmi Rubdi wrote:
> I've used JUnit before, I do want to learn HttpUnit (among so many other
things that I need to learn :-) But thanks for providing the details, they're

Ant in Action has a special section on HttpUnit, before I get into
Apache Cactus, which is the serious server-side test tool :)

> I've worked on a few eXtreme Programming projects, and recognize the
importance of test-first-design.
> The main reason for using Jasper was not to verify the that the JSPs would
compile but was only to reduce
> the page load time for the customers/visitors and since we used the same
version of Tomcat accross all stages
> of development compatibility wasn't a smaller issue for that team.

HttpUnit is a functional test tool; its no so test first when you have
to have the JSP page up on the site...its not like junit tests where
your API itself is getting hit.

With an httpunit run straight after deployment, you can hit every single
JSP page in turn -on the production machine-. This gets the preload hit
out the way, and helps test the live system is working.


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