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Help with running different target based on user input?

Help with running different target based on user input?

2007-02-23       - By RADEMAKERS Tanguy
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i'm not too sure i understand what you mean by "chain dependencies
together". In ant, a target can depend on more than one other targets
(just pass a comma separated list) and ant handles generating the graph
of dependent targets for you (so if target c depends on target b which
depends on target a... etc). All of this is explained on the target page
in the section "Using Ant" of the manual.

>If they run Script 3 they should be prompted if they want to run script
>4 - otherwise the build should just stop.

Ant is not a scripting language... assuming that "run script four" is a
target in your build file, you could call it from within another target
using the <antcall> task. You should also look into the AntContrib third
party tasks, since they have an "if" task.

Maybe if you gave us some more info on what you're trying to achieve?


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