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tag inside some other tag(cvs)

tag inside some other tag(cvs)

2007-04-19       - By prasad kumar
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 i know,it is possible to create the child tag(build_xxx) inside some other
tag(HEAD) using win cvs to avoid  version of a file with some other version of
a file.
 for ex i will create the child tag as follows:
 remote---> create a tag by  module-->tag name-->change from uncheck to check
"Overwrite existing existing tags with the same name"-->click ok
 then it will create the new tag(for ex:build_xxx,to avoid  version of a file
with some other version of a file.) in 'versions',based on this tag name i need
take the fresh checkout from 'Head' tag ,zip the ear file and some other files,
 this task is it possible with ant?if it is possible how.please exaplain with
 if any person know,respond that's great appreciation


How would you do what you are trying to do *without* ant? In other
words, how would you do this using just the cvs command line client? If
you can post the commands you would use (copy and paste them from your
command line window) maybe it would clear things up for us.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Geoffrey Mitchell [mailto:geoff_mitchell@(protected)]
>Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 5:25 PM
>To: Ant Users List
>Subject: Re: tag inside some other tag(cvs)
>The question is not "can ant do that?". The question is "can cvs do
>that?". And the answer is "Huh?". What do you mean by a tag
>inside of
>another tag? One version of a file can have multiple tags,
>but there is
>no sense of hierarchy to them.
>However you slice it, this is totally off topic for this list. Try
>reading a book on cvs.
>prasad kumar wrote:
>> i have to create one more tag(for ex: child tag of HEAD
>tag(cvs)) inside some other tag(for ex:inside HEAD tag(cvs))
>ofter a successfull build,is it possible with ant to create
>one more tag inside some other tag.if then,how, please tell me
>> Thanks,
>> prasad

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