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Settting environment variables

Settting environment variables

2007-04-19       - By Ninju Bohra
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By the time ANT starts, the PATH and INCLUDE environment variables values are
set (by the ant.bat or OS command script) and can not be altered.

However if one you target needs to start seperate process (<exec>, <javac>,
<java>, etc...) you can control the value of the enviroment variables that the
child process will have...use the <sysproperty> sub element to correct that.

Hope that make sense????


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Subject: Settting environment variables


I am having a set of ANT build files. I want to change "Path" and "include"
environment variables only in build file.
I tried the following options to reset "include" variable in the build file.

<property environment="env"/>    
1.<exec executable="cmd">
    <env key="include" path="${new.includepath}"/>
2.<property name="${env.include}" value="${new.includepath}"/>

3.<property name="env.include" value="${new.includepath}"/>

4.<property name="env.${include}" value="${new.includepath}"/>

When I tried to echo "include" variable in the same build file, it is still
showing the default old settings.

Is there any other way to modify the environment variables only for some
instance and not for other?

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