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tag inside some other tag(cvs)

tag inside some other tag(cvs)

2007-04-19       - By RADEMAKERS Tanguy
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Hello Prasad,

OK, i have checked the WinCvs site, and it seems that WinCvs has a
window (they call it the "browser status window") that shows you which
cvs calls are being made as you use the tool.

In this picture:

it is the window at the bottom of the screen showing the text "cvs -z9
-q" etc etc etc.

Please carry out the *entire* series of cvs operations you wish to
automate with ant (this means start with a checkout), and copy and paste
the contents of this window (as text!) into a mail *directly to me* at
this address. If i can help you, i will, and i will copy the list on the

I am not promising anything! But i will try.


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