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How to set the next week start date

How to set the next week start date

2007-04-27       - By Ninju Bohra
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Have you looked at the <tstamp> task (

Maybe something like:

     <format property="touch.time" pattern="MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm aa"
             offset="7" unit="week"/>

Also when you say 'set the current date' what does that mean?  Do you want to
set on the OS, in an application or to a ANT property?

If you want to calculate what '7 days from now and set it to an ANT property'
please look at the <tstamp> task otherwise please provide more explaination on
what you need.



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From: Satheesh <satish@(protected)>
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Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 4:51:12 AM
Subject: How to set the next week start date

Hi Guys, If i want to set the current date its possible in ANT , even if i want
a date which is some 'n' days after the current date, that also is possible..

I need a way to set the value of the next weeks start date and last week start
date using ANT.

How can i achieve this///

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