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Perform a task for every folder from the file.

Perform a task for every folder from the file.

2007-04-27       - By mpr
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I have the file and inside a paths to folders are defined

For each folder from I need to perform an Operation (task).

What is the simplest way to do that?
At this moment I do:


  <target description="genericTokenReplacements"
    <loadfile srcfile="./${src.file}" property="src.file.head">
          <countfilter property="nb.matching.tokens"  match="([\w\\/]+)+">    
            <!--Create property with a specific name-->
            <counteach propertyprefix="${prefix}" select="\1"/>
    <echo message="${src.file.head}"/>
    <echoproperties prefix="${prefix}"/>
    <ac:propertyselector property="user.files" delimiter="${delimiter}"
match="~~(.+)" select="\1"/>
    <echo message="${user.files}"/>
    <ac:for list="${user.files}" param="dir">
        <echo message="All files under the folder @{dir} are going to be
        <--! OPERATION here-->


but I have noticed the problem.
<ac:propertyselector property="user.files" delimiter="${delimiter}"
match="~~(.+)" select="\1"/>
trim out (eat) character "\" so i get full path to folder whit out "\"

Could you suggest to solve it?
Thank you in advance,

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