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AW: AntShellExt

AW: AntShellExt

2007-05-07       - By Jan.Materne@(protected)

Added: rev 535752

First look: nice!



  Von: Eneko Gonz?lez Benito [mailto:eneko.gonzalez@(protected)]
  Gesendet: Sonntag, 6. Mai 2007 22:50
  An: user@(protected)
  Betreff: AntShellExt
  I'm proud to announce the first version of AntShellExt (Ant Shell Extension).
  Ant Shell Extension is a Windows Explorer enhacement that adds a contextual
menu when you right click over an Ant xml file, so you can execute all the
actions defined in that file without going to a command console or starting
your favourite IDE to make a simple clean.
  It's free (LGPL license) and can be downloaded from this URL: http://www
  The attached file is a patch of the SVN 'projects.xml' file, so this info can
be added to the web site.
  Eneko Gonz?lez Benito
  Elpa Gesti?n
  "Please don't print this e-mail or its attachments, unless it is
  absolutely necessary. It is our responsibility to respect the

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