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AW: Re: Re: Settting environment variables

AW: Re: Re: Settting environment variables

2007-05-09       - By Jan.Materne@(protected)
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You cant set env variables in <exec>.
<exec> start a new process. Env variables are only visible in that process.
If that process quits the variables are lost.

You cant modify the environment of the running (Ant) process.


You have the same problem with batch files. There is a tool "setx" which
can set environment variables on system level. Maybe you could set
env vars for Ants NEXT run. (setx doesnt change current running processes).

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>An: Ant Users List; query
>Betreff: Re: Re: Re: Settting environment variables
>using embedded env
>  <env key="PATH" path="${env.PATH}:${basedir}/bin"/>
>use in property
> <property environment="env"/>
>  <echo message="INCLUDE = ${env.INCLUDE}"/>
>  <echo message="PATH is set to = ${env.PATH}"/>
>note..the env variable is case-sensitive
>so path is not Path is not PATH
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>  Subject: Fwd: Re: Re: Settting environment variables
>  I again tried to set PATH and INCLUDE env variables. But
>when I echo the env variables after modifying the variables,
>changes are not reflected in the log file.
>  My ANT script change is:
>  property environment="env"/>
>  <exec executable="cmd">
>        <env key="include" path="${new.includepath}"/>
>  </exec>
>  <echo message ="include=${env.include}"/>
>  Similarly I have tried for Path env variable. But it is not working.
>  If there is any other way to set variables, please let me
>know. Due to this issue, it is hampering my work.........
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